The team


Rose Sellman-Leava

Founder & Co-Director

I've been working in the education sector since 2015 and supporting students & professionals through coaching since 2018. I hold a Level 5 diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, working with professionals including University Lecturers, Senior Managers and Heads of Department, as well students from underrepresented backgrounds.


As a Product Manager for the UK’s National Research and Education Network, Jisc, I continuously support and respond to the ever-changing challenges the sector faces year on year. This informs my coaching technique as well as my passion for supporting those from underrepresented backgrounds, which began whilst working in Devon County Council’s Social Care team. This, combined with my knowledge of the sector’s challenges enabled me to start addressing inequality of opportunity in the sector through Inclusive Futures.


Jessica Woodsford

Founder & Co-Director


I have spent the last decade of my career working in the Higher Education sector. First for the Office for Fair Access, and then the Office for Students, where I worked with HE providers to improve equality of opportunity for underrepresented students. As well as working with students, I'm interested in working with institutions to help them develop a whole provider approach that embraces fair access and participation.

Outside of my career, I have also worked with underrepresented students as a mentor and a coach for different not-for-profit organisations, as well as being the Trustee of a local charity.

Coaching is an area I have always been passionate about, and I am excited to be bringing the power of coaching to such an important agenda. 

Our Associate Coaches

To support us in delivering our programmes, we work with a small, selected team of Associate Coaches, who have the experience and know-how that supports what we do. Our Associate Coaches are passionate about coaching and supporting underrepresented students.


Our coaches are DBS-checked, adhere to a strict safeguarding policy and are committed to following our Code of Ethics*.


All our coaches are qualified to a high level in order to provide coaching that we trust. They have been picked by us because they represent the Inclusive Futures values of purpose, empowerment, integrity and growth.


Meet our Associate Coach team below. The team is always expanding and we shall introduce more coaches in the near futures


Dionne Spencer


Dr Dionne Spencer is an experienced coach who works with individuals and educational organisations to identify and enhance the overlooked potential of underrepresented and disadvantaged student groups.

Dionne combines her commitment to understanding, not homogenising, the individual needs of those that she coaches with her wealth of experience having spent 18 years working in the higher education (HE) sector, to enable students to identify ways to navigate their environment and achieve their desired aspirations.

Dionne's research focussed on understanding the HE experiences of non-traditional students and the role of coaching in supporting them during their undergraduate studies. Dionne also works with coaches, academic staff and services that support widening participation initiatives to reflect on their practice, challenge assumptions and create safe non-judgemental spaces for students through the facilitation of coaching.

Dionne holds a Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring, an MSc in Coaching Psychology and a Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University.


Shilpa Maher

Shilpa helps her clients to transform their dreams into reality. Her coaching helps them believe that they can achieve their dreams and that nothing is impossible if they put their mind to it.


Having suffered from both racism and bullying when at school, Shilpa felt she would have to work harder than others to achieve her dreams and goals. With grit and determination, she has worked hard to achieve this and now helps others do the same.


Learning over the years, Shilpa recognises how important it is for people to dig deep and find their passion, their purpose and to never give up and accept defeat, in order to fulfil their dreams and desires. 


Through her coaching, Shilpa provides encouragement, guidance and accountability. This helps her clients remove obstacles and gives confidence to those that dare to dream big.

Shilpa holds a Level 5 Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy.  


Emma Humphrey

Emma is a wellness and personal development coach and her mission is to support people through coaching to be well, feel well and live well through making changes in life, career, mind and body. 

Emma believes people are happier, healthier and more fulfilled when they’re living with intention, when their actions are purposeful and when they’re focussing on what really counts to them.

Emma holds a Distinction level diploma in Personal Performance coaching and a Masters Degree in understanding and securing Human Rights.  


Emma's career is in Programme management in both the charitable and public sector with a focus on Human Rights, Community Integration and equal access to services for underrepresented groups. 

Emma holds a Level 5 Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy. 

Emma Cann.jpg

Emma Cann

Emma's work as a coach has been largely inspired  by her time in the world of education. She has always felt that at the heart of education is empowerment. By encouraging and supporting individuals to be curious, ask challenging questions and solve problems, Emma knows they can be empowered to create positive change in the world.  This is also the power of coaching.


Before retraining as a coach, Emma worked as a primary teacher and leader for almost a decade.  The essence of coaching was always at the heart of what she loved about teaching; supporting a child on their individual learning journey, encouraging exploration of ideas and helping them to develop resilience to fulfil their potential.


Since leaving the classroom, she contemplated how she might have benefitted from support that would’ve allowed her to manage the challenges of teaching confidently and calmly. Often, she would have had the answers within, but when stressed and overwhelmed, these were hard to find. Through coaching, Emma now empowers others in the world of education to develop strategies to thrive – both in and out of the classroom.


Emma's work with Inclusive Futures combines her love of education and coaching to empower individuals to have their greatest impact in the world. 

She holds a Level 5 Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy.  

Marlon Ranghel.jpg

Marlon Ranghel

Marlon became a coach after his wife died of cancer in August 2018. As her main carer for four years Marlon was taught a lot about human nature and the strength and weakness of the human spirit.

Knowing his life could not stay the same after her death, Marlon decided to train to become a coach. At times, we all need someone to reach out to in order to support us through a challenge we are facing. Marlon wanted to be that person that people reach out to.

Working as a life coach on a private client basis, Marlon also works for a Charity, MyLife, which helps elderly and vulnerable people.


He teaches Business Studies and has worked in the Sixth Form and Further Education sector for over thirty years.

For most of his time in the Sixth Form and Further Education sector, Marlon has been a Personal Tutor. This role has meant that Marlon has provided hundreds of students and return learners with ongoing support, advice and assistance over the years. Much of this has included supporting and assisting students to help them decide the next best steps for their future, whether that be in Higher Education, Further Education (Apprenticeships) or in a career.

Marlon graduated with Animas Coaching in 2020 and holds a Level 5 diploma for Life Coaching. 

Afua Kudom.jpg

Afua Kudom

Afua is a qualified personal performance and life coach, specialising in Oxbridge, transition and career coaching. She has a wealth of experience supporting students of various ages to increase their aspirations, improve their academic performance and prepare for the world of work.

Afua is the founder of Sambamba consulting and coaching, which helps young adults to expand their horizons and increase their chances of success in higher education and early careers. She currently works as a Careers Consultant for The Careers Group and is based in the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London, where she is involved in the Pathways to Law programme delivered by The Sutton Trust. She is also part of the London Enterprise Adviser Network, where she supports Royal Greenwich Trust School with their careers provision.

Afua gained a BA Hons in Law from the University of Cambridge. She was the first person from her state school to get into Oxbridge in 10 years. During her time at Cambridge, she actively encouraged more state school students to aspire to Oxbridge. She was also part of the highly competitive inaugural Teach First Leadership Development Programme in 2003 and has over 10 years’ experience in secondary education.

paul with sonar background (002).png

Paul Smale

Paul is a qualified coach who is passionate about enabling his clients to thrive in every area of their lives.  With a solid corporate background, within which he has faced his own personal challenges, his mission is to support both individuals and teams in building a future where they can thrive and perform to their maximum potential.


Having suffered poor mental health due to finding himself in ill-fitting roles and environments, he is passionate about the importance of coaching and its potential to create powerful interventions that can entirely adjust the trajectory people find themselves on.


Working with a coach has repeatedly helped him to reconnect with himself, discover the options that lie ahead, and, most importantly, find contentment in what he does. His own coaching experience inspired him to follow this as a career path, and the feedback he has received from clients has been incredible.


Paul finds supporting others to discover who they want to be and empowering them to achieve it immensely rewarding.  Beyond his coaching qualifications, he brings a wealth of personal experience to the table reinforced by formal training.  Paul holds a Level 5 Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy.

Emma Stubbings.jpg

Emma Stubbings

Emma is an NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Personal Impact Coach. She’s also a certified DISC Practitioner (personality profiling).

Emma supports high functioning individuals find a better way to live well.

She comes to us with a wealth of experience having spent 23 years working in the Finance Industry, managing large teams remotely and leading programmes of change.

Her high performance and career success came at a cost to her physical and mental wellbeing. She understands what it’s like when dedication becomes exhaustion and commitment becomes all-consuming.

Emma founded her company in 2019 and now coaches’ clients across all sectors to ‘reconnect, live well and thrive’.

Emma’s blend of skills means she can offer a very interactive coaching style, transforming negative beliefs that hold you back and uncovering the real potential within you. She’s been coaching for Inclusive Futures for a while now and we’re hearing great reviews.

Jennifer Park.jpg

Jennifer Louise Park

Jennifer has enjoyed a rich background supporting young people and women to feel "I know, value, choose and love being ME!" whilst they work towards their own unique version of a happy, fulfilling and aligned life.

With a psychology honours degree, a vocational diploma in 'Learning, Development and Support Services', a professional diploma in 'Personal Performance Coaching', professionally recognised 'Trainer' status and numerous trainings in counselling skills, well-being, personal development and NLP techniques, Jennifer has a wealth of learning which helps her to tailor her coaching approach to each unique client.


Jen set up her own coaching and mentoring practise, "Jenuine Choice", after a diverse and much-loved career working in 'Children and Families' Social Care' and with young people experiencing social, emotional and behavioural challenges in education.


But it was the personal experience of having her own sense-of-self, worth, purpose and life-direction challenged, after struggling postnatally, that prompted her to question her own status quo, find professional coaching and set out on her own, in-depth, personal and professional development path as a coach and ultimately, to choose to live the purposeful, fulfilling and joyful life she now adores!


Her mission is to raise awareness of the power of genuinely aligned choice and help others to choose to, "Know my true self, Value my unique potential, Choose myself regardless and Love being me!" which she does through motivational and compassionate, yet challenging, coaching and being her joyful, uplifting, energised, fun, open, honest and loving true self... unapologetically!

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