Support for Providers

We offer an inclusive level of support across the institution by working with individual practitioners, teams and senior management to embed inclusive practice across the organisation.


We will work with you to drive change. Whether that is pushing harder to make greater progress against the commitments sets out in your Access and Participation Plan, or driving a deeper cultural change within your organisation. We recognise that working in fair access and participation can be difficult, and sometimes lonely if you are in a small team.

Our executive coaching services supports providers to embed a whole-provider approach to fair access and participation and enables widening participation teams to drive change and achieve greater impact.


Working with a coach to help facilitate reflections, and find solutions can help focus efforts, and increase confidence and performance

Group Coaching programme for Practitioners

We will shortly be launching our group coaching programme for practitioner and leaders working in fair access and participation.

This group coaching setting will give you support, as well as an opportunity to learn from peers from different settings.

If you would like to be kept updated on our group coaching programme, please click here