Our story

A not-for-profit organisation empowering students through coaching

Despite the progress made in social mobility, students from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups experience significant inequality of opportunity in accessing and succeeding in higher education. While progress has been made to address the barriers these students face, more still needs to be done.


Inclusive Futures was established by Jess Woodsford and Rose Sellman-Leava, both professional coaches with a passion for tackling inequality, to support students to pursue the future they want, regardless of their background or personal characteristics.

This is achieved through coaching students in a number of different areas:


Future focus coaching

Working with post-16 students, and students currently studying in HE to explore what they want for their future, and support them to make decisions about next steps.

Transition coaching

Working with students who have accepted a place at an HE provider, supporting them to start their HE journey with confidence and resilience.

disengaged students

Working with individual students who have been identified by their provider as disengaged or at risk of withdrawing from their course, to find ways to overcome the barriers and difficulties they are experiencing.



Facilitating a co-creation process with students to identify barriers they have experienced during their HE journey and develop solutions to address them.

Our Vision is for an inclusive society where all individuals are empowered to realise the future that is right for them

We facilitate the growth of individuals through targeted coaching programmes, and create purposeful change for a fairer society

Executive coaching


We also provide executive coaching for leaders, individual staff members and teams within HE providers and other organisations. We support you to develop and strengthen your approach to addressing inequality of opportunity and drive an inclusive culture.


As a not-for-profit organisation, all income is reinvested back into the organisation to grow our reach and impact. It also provides access to valuable coaching to those who would benefit it the most, free of charge.

Our Values

We govern and pride ourselves on our values: they form the basis of all our decision-making and we ensure that we conduct ourselves in ways that support them. 


The values that we operate on are: 


our work is driven by our purpose to create an inclusive society.


We empower ourselves and others to fulfil their full potential, and claim responsibility for their thoughts and actions.


We  continue to grow as an organisation, and as individuals, through curiosity, challenge and reflective learning.


We conduct ourselves with integrity, and instil integrity in others