Our programmes

Our coaching programmes

Our future focused coaching programme supports post-16 students, and students currently studying in HE, to explore what their next steps should be. 

Students who work through our programme can expect the following outcomes:

Identify the future they want  

Be able to identify and articulate what their desired future 'possible self' is

Feel connected to that future

Feel deeply connected to their future 'possible self'


Develop increased levels of self-efficacy and internal locus of control

Devise a

Devise a personalised roadmap to becoming their desired future 'possible self'

What do our programmes look like?

All our programmes support students to connect to their future possible self, and to use this connection to build motivation and self-efficacy. We work with students to help them make informed decisions about what they would like to do in the future, and determine what next steps they would like to take. Each coaching programme falls across four key stages, and the time we spend in each stage is always determined by the needs and pace of the individual.


The first session is a discovery session. We work with students to explore their personal values and strengths, and look at long and medium-term goals. We use tools to capture where students are at the beginning of their coaching journey which can then be reflected on in the final session


Reflect sessions focus on students’ strengths, what they have achieved already and what they could achieve in the future based on the resources they already have. Using the Discover session as our catalyst for thought, Reflect sessions support individuals in more depth and focus on: personal strengths, limiting beliefs, shaping experiences and their own resources. 


Develop sessions help build our students’ confidence and move them closer to empowerment through a raised knowledge of what they can practically do. In these sessions we focus on the following areas and share effective tools that students can take forward after the programme has ended. These areas include: goal setting, self-motivation, building resilience, purposeful planning. 

The topics and goals will depend on the individual students and which programme they are on:

Future Focus: Long-term goals of what students would like to be in the future

Transition: How to prepare and adapt to University life

Disengaged students: Identifying current blockers, and how to overcome them



Review sessions are a chance for our students to look back on the coaching programme steps they’ve already taken, what they’ve learnt about themselves and how their learning will benefit them going forward. We review what they have already achieved, acknowledge what they have learnt about themselves and determine the high-level actions that they will commit to for the year ahead and beyond.