Our Impact Report

Over 300 hours of coaching and 39 hours of workshops delivered to 270 people across 7 different organisations.

Our First Year Reflection


We're incredibly proud of what we've achieved in our first year of trade. Like many organisations, we found ourselves needing to pivot quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, we still delivered more than 300 hours of powerful, impactful coaching to students, and reached more than 270 people through our coaching programmes and workshops.

It has been a tremendous journey. Full of steep learning curves, some tough obstacles (like a global pandemic), exciting collaborations and partnerships, and most importantly wonderful and inspiring people. We have been supported by an amazing team; associate coaches, mentors and advisors, fellow social entrepreneurs, friends and family, all of whom have pitched-in and championed us throughout this year.

Our vision for Inclusive Futures is to triple the number of people reached over the next two years. To support this, we're currently developing new partnerships with universities and colleges, and other third sector organisations. We're building the first of a suit of online, on-demand programmes and courses to increase our reach, and we have launched a corporate and executive coaching offer so that organisations can support the work we do while also supporting their own staff and businesses to thrive.

Our Mission & Purpose


Our Vision is for an inclusive society where all individuals are empowered to realise the future that is right for them. We facilitate the growth of individuals through targeted coaching programmes, and create purposeful change for a fairer society.​

Despite the progress made in social mobility, students from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups experience significant inequality of opportunity in accessing and succeeding in higher education. While progress has been made to address the barriers these students face, more still needs to be done.


Inclusive Futures was established by Jess Woodsford and Rose Sellman-Leava, both professional coaches with a passion for tackling inequality, to support students to pursue the future they want, regardless of their background or personal characteristics.

Our First Year Achievements


54% increase
in connection
to future self

54% increase in connection to future self.png
future self .png
45% increase in resilience.png
45% increase in resilience (2).png

45% increase
in resilience

46% increase in motivation.png
46% increase in motivation (2).png

46% increase
in motivation

In our first year of trade, we worked with 7 different organisations including Future Quest, University of Winchester, Access HE, University of Bath, SUN, University of East London & Young Carer's Development Trust. We reached around 270 people, delivered 39 hours of workshops and over 300 hours of coaching to students that needed it the most. We're proud of the significant growth and impact we've demonstrated and achieved in our first year.

Our evaluation shows that our programmes increased motivation, resilience and self-efficacy, and gave our coachees greater clarity of who they are, and what they want to do in the future.


At the end of our programmes coachees reported a 54% increase in their connection with their future possible self, a 41% increase in internal local of control (feeling they are in control of what happens to them), 45% increase in levels of resilience, a 36% increase in levels of self-efficacy, and a 46% increase in motivation.

(Results from coachees having completed Inclusive Futures programmes)

Our Partners

Study higher.jpeg

Testimonial from Future Quest

Future Quest is the Bristol area partnership of universities and colleges. Working together with local authorities, the combined authority, employers and other organisations to develop and deliver the Office for Students funded Uni Connect programme, supporting young people's progression into higher education. Future Quest delivers a targeted higher education outreach programme to schools with students in identified postcode areas, where higher education progression is lower than might be predicted from GCSE results.

During the academic year 2020-21, we delivered a number of programmes on behalf of Future Quest including our Future Focus programme. Working across 3 schools to deliver a combination of group and 1-2-1 coaching. We also delivered our Think Leadership programme for a group of students doing internships at the University of West England.

Inclusive Futures have been brilliant to work with: matching professionalism with creativity and adaptability, they have supported the Future Quest outreach programmes for disadvantaged young people in the Bristol region across a very challenging academic year.


"Jess and her team built a flexible coaching programme for 16-18 year olds, incorporating group and 1:1 sessions that could run online or in person. They worked with schools to understand individual learner needs and to fit the programme around COVID arrangements and timetables; delivering valuable support to those young people who were facing difficult transitions into post-16 and post-18 education.

"As we plan for changing priorities in the coming year we look forward to collaborating with Inclusive Futures on more initiatives; relying on their innovative and responsive approach to new challenges and commitment to social justice.


Hannah Tebbutt

Future Quest Programme Manager

The Future Focus Programme

Our Future Focus programme empowered students in years 12 and 13 to explore and focus on the future that is right for them, through targeted coaching.


We gave students the space and opportunity to identify who they really are, and the future self they want to be.


Our programme supported students to develop self-efficacy, resilience and the confidence to know that anything is possible.


Last year our future focused coaching programme supported post-16 students, and students currently studying in HE, to explore what their next steps should be. Our students were all from a group currently identified as underrepresented in higher education.

Impact Report Graphics (1).png

75% of students felt more confident about their future

Impact Report Graphics (1).png

75% of students strongly agreed they were more motivated to do well in their career

Student Feedback


Vision for the Future

"I've outlined where I want to go and by when. It doesn't have to be a scary thing and it's still daunting in a way but. It feels clearer and I feel happier. Definitely improved."

In Control of my Life

"I feel like I do have more control over my life, I can make the decisions that are right for me, I am learning to trust my judgement"

Building Resilience

"Resilience is being strong to make good choices. I'm more confident now to make choices I want to make. This process has helped me see I have more choices."


of learners would recommend our workshops


of coaching delivered in our first year


of students feel more confident

about their future