Executive Coaching & Facilitation Services

Pay it forward by investing in your employees' development with Inclusive Futures and you'll support us to invest in young people; the employees of the future.


As a Community Interest Company, all our profits are used to deliver coaching programmes to support students from groups currently underrepresented in higher education. For every £10 you spend on coaching services with Inclusive Futures, at least £2.50 is re-invested in supporting students from under-represented groups.

We're certain that we'll be a great fit for your organisation as our Inclusive Futures' Associate Coaches have a wide range of experience in corporate and executive coaching.


  • We work with private sector, public sector, education and higher education, charities and social enterprises.

  • We have experience of coaching CEOs, directors, senior leaders, staff teams, graduate scheme entrants and interns.

  • We have diverse backgrounds allowing us, where useful, to match people with a coach who has similar lived experience.

As a partner organisation, you'll have the opportunity to feature in our annual impact report and our annual report will outline how your investment has been paid forward and reinvested in a young person's future.

Coaching & Facilitation Services:

1-2-1 Executive Coaching

A series of coaching sessions to support individuals. This provides support and space to reflect and think, and also challenge unhelpful mindset and behaviour. Coaching ca also support individuals to define and set goals, and provides accountability to drive change. The format and length of sessions can be adapted to suit the individual, but typically might be a 90min session a fortnight for 3-6 months either face to face or via Zoom.


These sessions might focus on topics such as:

  • Exploring leadership styles, strengths and areas for improvement

  • Identifying core values, strengths and motivations

  • Challenging mindset, limiting beliefs and unhelpful thought patterns

  • Tools and exercises to support thinking

  • Goal setting and accountability

Team coaching

A series of coaching sessions to support a team can be an effective way to reflect on changes and challenges, set strategic directions, or bring a new team together.



Facilitation of events such as team away days. We will support you to develop an agenda that will meet your outcomes for the day, and our skilled facilitators will ensure you get the most out of your day.

DISC Profiling

A powerful tool that can be used to help you understand the different needs and preferences of your team. The information received is useful for the individual as it highlights strengths and areas for improvement. It is also great for the team as it helps to improve communication.


DISC profiles take a few minutes to complete. The participant then receives a report, and findings are then discussed in a 1-2-1 session to discuss findings and identify actions to take forward. A team DISC report can also be produced to better understand team dynamics.

*NEW* The GC Index® Assessment
The GC Index (Game Changing Index) is the world's first organimetric empowering organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams & cultures. This powerful tool gives clarity to the positive contribution & impact individuals make in their role, as well as identifying where & how they can increase job satisfaction & productivity.

The GC Index consists of a series of 59 questions, taking around 10/15 minutes to complete. The GC Index® Personal Profile Report will be generated for you to digest & keep. The report profiles your actual & potential contribution to your role, team and function as well as development points. As accredited GCologists, we will discuss your report with you in an individual or group feedback session to validate your profile and understand the results.


Workshops and Training

We can provide in-house training and workshops on areas such as:

  • Leadership

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Dealing with change

  • Coaching skills for managers

  • Confidence

  • Resilience

  • Motivation

We are also happy to work with you to develop bespoke workshops and training to meet your needs.

If you would like more information about our executive services, please get in touch