Impact and evaluation

Academic research shows that one to one interventions, such as coaching,  has a profound impact on supporting students to succeed in their education and careers.

Theory of change

We have developed a theory of change based on a review of current literature and consultation with stakeholders and students. Our theory of change highlight that coaching can support potential students, and current students, to succeed in education and on the right trajectory for the career they desire in the following ways:

For potential HE students


For current HE students


We have used our theory of change to develop an evaluation framework  in order to measure these outcomes for our coachees. All our programmes are evaluated in a robust and consistent manner, to allow us to understand the impact of our work, and use this information to review and improve our practices.


Our evaluation practices also serve as an important reflection tool for our coachees, and is part of our review process with the people we work with, so they can understand the distance they have travelled.


The evidence we collect is used to produce an evaluation report for each provider we work with, whilst upholding strict confidentiality for our coachees. The evidence will enable our partners to demonstrate the impact of their investment for monitoring and reporting purposes, such as impact reports/ monitoring of Access and Participation Plans. 


Your evaluation report will include:

  • An overview of the impact of our work with your students

  • Qualitative insight of the topics​ and issues experienced by your students

  • Recommendations of next steps