Coaching the movement

Inclusive Futures stand in solidarity with the black community at this time and always. ⁣We condemn racism and know that urgent, sustained change is needed in the UK and across the world. ⁣

We are actively engaged in encouraging and supporting students from all backgrounds to reach their potential. We will be actively educating ourselves , supporting others to educate themselves and supporting all movements that are changing the picture. ⁣

To support the Black Lives Matter movement, we have established the 'Coaching the movement' network, providing free coaching for those trying to tackle racial inequality and cultural change within the workplace or wider society.


Coaching the movement

What will the coaching involve?

These sessions are to support individuals who are trying to drive forward activities or projects, but feel stuck or need more clarity or direction.

Those accessing this service will receive 3 free coaching session with a qualified or nearly qualified coach, to explore how to focus their activity/project, and make progress.

Coaching does not provide advice or opinions, it will support you as an agent of change to shape the action you want to take, and identify the steps to make progress.

How to get involved

If you would like to receive free coaching to support you in tackling racial inequality, please complete the accessing coaching form.


If you are a coach who would like to volunteer your services, please complete the volunteer coach form.

"There comes a time when silence is betrayal"


Martin Luther King. Jr