Inclusive Futures


Empowering students to pursue
the future they want

We are a not-for-profit organisation empowering students from underrepresented groups and backgrounds, to pursue the future that is right for them. We achieve this through targeted coaching programmes and by creating cultural change within organisations. 

All profits are reinvested into the organisation to provide further support, through coaching, to individuals who would otherwise not be able to access these services. 

Our programmes achieve the following outcomes for the students we work with:

Identify the future they want  

Be able to identify and articulate what their desired future 'possible self' is

Feel connected to that future

Feel deeply connected to their future 'possible self'


Develop increased levels of self-efficacy and internal locus of control

Devise a

Devise a personalised roadmap to becoming their desired future 'possible self'

As an HE provider working with us, you can expect to see: 

An increase in  enrolment from underrepresented students that have participated in our future-focussed coaching programme

An increase in student satisfaction and an enhanced student experience for underrepresented students at your institution

A decrease in non-continuation for underrepresented students receiving our support